“Andrea Carroll gave a particularly impressive performance... Her ric​h, dark

                      low register and gleaming top put a deeply expressive spin on every line.” 

 ​– Opera News-

Andrea Carroll 

"Andrea Carroll, as Julie Jordan, has a lovely, gentle voice and a tender presence."     -The New York Times

"As Rosalba, American soprano Andrea Carroll sings with a stunning purity and clarity of tone that conveys all the myriad complexities of love."​

-DC Metro Theater Arts

"American soprano Andrea Carroll is especially dazzling as Rosalba, the young writer and would-be Florencia biographer. Carroll’s voice proved every moment to be bell-like and clear but also lusciously expressive. She embodied her role delightfully.​"

​-DC Theater Scene​​

"Andrea Carroll, a Susanna and a Musetta, used her secure, expressive lower range to show us both Julie’s sweetness and her inner strength."

-​Opera News

"As played by Andrea Carroll, Julie's persona moves beyond sweetness to innate strength. Carroll's clear soprano, perfect on "If I Loved You," soars above the chaos of her situation, revealing a woman of steadfast loyalty and practical resolve. She not only endures, but she also triumphs over her abusive husband and the patriarchal mill owner."

-Syracuse Post

"Andrea Carroll was a lovely Julie, shining with an inner beauty she doesn't even realize herself." 

- The Wall Street Journal

Simon Pauly Photography

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-In Review-
“Leading the cast was Andrea Carroll as the Colonel’s Wife, her adorably tough demeanor highlighted by a strong, vibrant soprano voice with an attractive dark hue. Carroll delivered her lines with consummate skill and unforced comedic timing”
Opera News

"Carroll's bright, shiny soprano brings out Anne's innocence and petulance."

-The Houston Press

"Soprano Andrea Carroll's Anne Egerman is youthful and wonderfully naïve. She sings "Soon" and "Every Day a Little Death" with a dazzling timbre."

-Broadway World

"Andrea Carroll (Rosalba) has a bright and light voice that has an infectious lyricism to it. Her singing was fluid and captured the youthfulness of her character."

​-Reichel Recommends

"Andrea Carroll, as Zerlina, was the standout, fusing colorful singing and strong acting in a convincing portrayal of a character who’s easy to dismiss as a lightweight."

​-The Washington Post, Anne Midgette

"Even better was the perky but tender Zerlina of Andrea Carroll, a fizzy voice matched by a firecracker stage presence."

​-The Washington Post, Charles Downey

“Andrea Carroll was a pure joy to listen to. She did a great job of using her light, sweet timbre, to bring out her saucy, flirtatious character....seems to strike the right balance of grand, sweeping phrases, and bouncy playfulness."
​- Everyday Opera
“As Susanna, young Andrea Carroll offered a feisty dramatic interpretation and ravishing vocal tone, perfectly centered, easily produced, generously proportioned, a pure pleasure to listen to.”  
“Vocally, Andrea Carroll steals the production with her role as Figaro’s betrothed. Susanna is scheming, devious and intensely loyal to her future husband. Carroll adds a natural sense of humor in all three in what became a very physical role.”      
-Theater Jones

"...plenty of excellent comic timing from the cast, particularly Andrea Carroll, who sang with a bright soprano and stole the show as Despina."

​-The New York Times